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Accelerated procedure for skilled workers – how does it work?

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10.02.2023 - Artikel

If you have already found an employer, you can authorize the employer to apply for the accelerated skilled worker procedure in accordance with Art. 81a of the Residency Act at the immigration office in the city/town where you will be working in the future.

The accelerated procedure for skilled workers is possible for:

  • skilled workers with vocational training
  • specialists with an academic degree
  • highly qualified specialists
  • researchers/scientists
  • executives
  • vocational training
  • measures for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications

The immigration office advises your employer and assists with the application for the recognition of your foreign qualification. The employer will obtain the approval of the Federal Employment Agency. The recognition offices and the Federal Employment Agency have to make a decision within certain deadlines. The necessary decisions are therefore usually made quickly.

The fee for the accelerated procedure is 411 euros. Fees also apply for the recognition of the qualification. If all the requirements, which can be checked in Germany, are met, the immigration authorities will issue a so-called preliminary approval in the accelerated skilled worker procedure, which your employer will send to you. As soon as you have received this preliminary approval, you can book an appointment with the diplomatic mission to apply for a visa. The visa applicant is entitled to receive an appointment within three weeks.

The mission abroad will decide on your visa application within a maximum of three weeks. The visa fee is 75 euros.

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